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F*cking F*cker
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Dave    Said...

It's not just the name that's dodgy... the main page of their website is infected with the malware: HTML/Infected.WebPage.Gen as reported by the Avira antiviorus scanner.

16-Jan-08 08:18 AM

madmax    Said...

If I wanted messed up distortion sounds, I'd get something like a Z.Vex Fuzz Factory. It's way less than $5000.

16-Jan-08 10:10 AM

zerosum    Said...

ohhhh that was priceless..... call the ambulance before I hurt myself from laughing too hard.... Your comparing a Fuzz Factory to a dual channel valve amp that uses tubes(23!) that you wont find in any other amps???? This defines Unique, not "BOUTIQUE......."

16-Jan-08 10:23 AM

CI    Said...

Madmax, just limit yourself with the obituary in the forums.

As for the amp, very unique and creative and albeit a little bit expensive for me. But If I had 5000$ to spare, I would definitely get one. There's so much tonal capability in there !

16-Jan-08 11:06 AM

Mr. Tunes    Said...

their product titles are funny for about 10 seconds and then the novelty wears off and you're left wondering how immature these folks are to be taking products they've worked x amount of hours on and name it something like a grade 6 would. i guess this is what happens when you skip the marketing department

16-Jan-08 12:10 PM

old guy    Said...

yep, thanks for that Metasonix guys. I *am* one of those old tone guys, but I won't be dying anytime soon. I guess I'll just have to pack up my 12 grand and waste it on a Dumble or some other old piece of crap.

ps. hire some marketing people who are beyond high school... please

16-Jan-08 12:15 PM

moon raker    Said...

looks like a piece of crap. Probably sounds like a piece of crap. Has a crap name. Has 23 valves (why oh why?). Anyone who buys this thing has got to much money to spare and no idea what to do with it.

The name doesnt offend me...... its just shit.

16-Jan-08 02:36 PM

Andy    Said...

Like I'd want to buy anything from a company that implies that my mom does blowjobs on me? Need to grow up - you're not making yourselves sound hard (in any sense) — just puerile.

17-Jan-08 02:50 AM

Andy    Said...

Like I'd want to buy anything from a company that implies that my mom does blowjobs on me? Need to grow up - you're not making yourselves sound hard (in any sense) — just puerile.

17-Jan-08 02:51 AM

atlas2k8    Said...


doesn't sound like Metasonix is implying blowjobs at all.

Looks like they came right and said your mama chewed your foreskin OFF

the genius of Metasonix message is that they're insuring you know up front that this gear:


You just stick with your 30th generation Bassman clone.

17-Jan-08 06:00 AM

David    Said...

Fucking and fucker are nothing but two words. Look at all the comments about the name and how little about the unprecedented design. Now who's childish? The marketing strategy is a filter. It doesn't want you to own it if you think you know how it sounds by the name and look. Don't even play your Bassman clones. Get an amp simulator. That's way less than $5000 also.

17-Jan-08 02:09 PM

o.rob    Said...

anyone insecure enough to be offended by an advertisement for an original guitar amp deserves to run sound in a karaoke bar. unique pieces of kit are more often than not a bit more expensive and your typical yamaha...get off your horse and salute the man for making something original...he's not selling it to you with a gun to your head.

17-Jan-08 03:02 PM

not buying    Said...

oh yeah -- all you 14 year olds who think the name is cool and the fact that every tube they could find is crammed into it so it MUST sound good -- you are obviously the intended audience. Watch the video at NAMM...asked how it handles heat of all those tubes, the guy says " I guess I'll add fans... lots of them". Yep, that inspires confidence.

19-Jan-08 03:25 PM

George Thorogood's Scrotum    Said...

Gee, most of these commenters really suck....

19-Jan-08 11:17 PM

No_way    Said...

These guys hate pathetic imitators (that's ok), but making this amp that is soooo "fucking cool" by copying the JCM900 head case is just not very unique! Way to go Metafuckingsonix...

21-Jan-08 01:23 PM

David    Said...

Comparing this amp to a Marshall is a supreme display of ignorance regardless of one's opinion about Metasonix. Wake up. You are taking part in a social experiment. You are the rodent. A critic is at least a professional bitch. An internet troll is not so professional. If you have no experience with something, please keep your opinion to yourself. The anonymity of the internet will not transform you into an expert.

25-Jan-08 01:31 AM

bizzaro lord zool    Said...

i really can not wait to get my hands on this aw inspireing device i was at namm and none of the videos do this beast justice. sadly i will have to sell a organ justice have to decide which organ i hate the most hhhhmmmmmmm

31-Jan-08 11:10 PM

U.K    Said...

ooooohhhhh a swear word, oh no what shall we do. everyone who is bothered by the name of this amp should really use thier time and effort on tracking one of these down for a demo on how it sounds, that is why it has been made, to produce a certain sound. the name is a marketing tool and it works, everyone is talking about it, like it or loath it. as for the $5000 price tag all i can do is laugh cos i'm english and we get 2 dollars to the pound so its only £2500, about 1months wages to me. Dumb americans!!! lol.

10-Feb-08 07:11 AM

born in the usa    Said...

>Dumb americans!!! lol.

Heh -- at least we don't have a stupid 20% VAT! And our food is better. Stupid Brits!

27-Feb-08 08:21 PM


Your food is better?? would that be the spanish food? or mexican or italian or jewish food you lot serve up as your own??? no wonder you are all so obese, you know they say 2 out of 3 americans are actually 1 person. the list of american stupidity and false sense of worth would be so big that not even an american could digest in his gas guzzling supersize hillbilly stomach. TWAT!!

15-Mar-08 10:30 PM

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