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Most Affordable Virus TI Ever
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SekondThought    Said...

Pricing is said to be $1,350.00 / €1,100.00 / £799.00

Not sure if that's 100% correct, but that's what I've heard!

14-Jan-08 06:38 PM

ThirdThought    Said...

If it is $1350.00 then thats f'ing ridiculous. The VA era started over a decade ago. Were just talking DSP, and code here. If synth companies want to start moving units they'd better get with the times. It's a piece of metal, w a few knobs, and some code inside. The cost to build is likely under $200. They're simply running software on a dedicated processor. No reason for those same old algorithms to fetch over $1000.

14-Jan-08 09:16 PM

Brandon    Said...

Dude, you're welcome to develop your own DSP code and run it on your computer. I'm sure you'd spend more than $1300 of your time writing it. Think you can crank out 50 voices with 4-part multi?

This company have spent years developing these products. Just because it's software doesn't mean it's cheap.

15-Jan-08 07:19 AM

ian copeland    Said...

I agree with ThirdThought that the price is too high, especially when the Waldorf Blofeld hits the sub-$1000.00 mark with plenty of room to spare. While Access' investment in their code base is not insubstantial, I agree $1,350.00 is too dear.

15-Jan-08 10:27 AM

Matt    Said...

I have to agree with Brandon. R&D costs a ton, even if you're redeveloping the same synth. I would however probably look towards the Waldorf Blofeld...but that's only if you can pry me away from my nord modular.

16-Jan-08 08:14 AM

triM    Said...

Don't forget that this is a luxury item. It isn't food, it isn't gas, it isn't a book it's a synth, and as much as you and I may correlate Music and living this is a *Luxury* item, not a commodity. Cost of Production Vs. value should not be hinged together.

Lets not forget all the R&D as mentioned before, nor the distributers who are involved in getting the product to you across national borders. Everyone deserves to be paid for their work and make a couple bucks while they're at it.

I agree with the post earlier, if you don't like it, stop whining about it and start making your own synths.

16-Jan-08 01:27 PM

Freddy    Said...

a luxury item that could sell a lot more if the price was reasonable enough.

And I build my own synths now because way overpriced "vintage" and new synths, it may cost me the same but at least I don't feel like I'm throwing away my money to some lazy people

17-Jan-08 01:50 PM

Bishop    Said...

It's actually 16 parts with an average of 80 voices assuming it has the same horsepower as the others, and I haven't seen anything to indicate otherwise. There is NO other synth at this price point that can compare with that so I don't see how it's over priced. Compared to what?

20-Jan-08 05:54 PM

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