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Top 20 Weirdest Instruments Episode One
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beej    Said...

OMG!! I want a Fire Organ!! NO - the fire percussion thing!

I wonder if it can be MIDI-retrofitted..? ;)

14-Jan-08 07:09 AM

N    Said...

Yeah, you'd kinda need a large shed to put that in...

Actually, considering the amount of work that must have gone into making it, the noise it made was a little underwhelming. Sort of like a bad hissy whistle...

A great spectacle though

14-Jan-08 07:39 AM

Dr Smooth    Said...

Interesting, but what really bugs me about Sonic State's videos is that:

A) There's the constant reminder of the name of the video, as if they patterned it after a television show.

B) Why not do the video in two parts rather than five or more? Most people are intrigued to the video with a "ahh, that's interesting" vibe, but aren't necessarily going to enjoy the tedium of tuning in every day to see the next two. Longer videos, less parts please!

16-Jan-08 12:50 AM

camper    Said...

there's bound to be more branding in the first episode, Dr. Smooth. Personally I think it gives the show a great pace. These guys have taken TV and turned it on its head. I think its just great!

16-Jan-08 05:18 AM

digit62    Said...

I wonder how many times they burned down the shed when jammin' on the fire organ. Definitly something for Rammstein to take on their next tour.

looking forward to the next episode

16-Jan-08 12:53 PM

g    Said...

"I wonder how many times they burned down the shed when jammin' on the fire organ. Definitly something for Rammstein to take on their next tour"

hahahaha legend!

21-Jan-08 11:47 AM

Alcobooze    Said...

Are we ever going to get Part 2? It's bad enough 1 was so short, but surely there's enough of the Sonic State crew who aren't at NAMM left to edit and post the next few bits, eh?

26-Jan-08 04:52 AM

blissful    Said...

Read above, Alcobooze... "As opposed to a regular series, The Top 20 Weirdest Instruments will be an occasional treat with episodes appearing on the site at various times throughout the year. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter so that you don’t miss out on a single episode." Looks like you will have to wait.

26-Jan-08 07:35 AM

mr smith    Said...

where are the other parts?

30-Jan-08 07:49 AM

xhq    Said...

wheres part2?

30-Jan-08 07:50 AM

annaon    Said...


01-Feb-08 06:23 PM

Simon Power    Said...

Hi. Episode 2 is now scheduled for next week. February 14th, in fact (er, my birthday if anyone's interested!). The episode will feature a further 2 chart positions and lots more besides.

08-Feb-08 06:25 AM

E    Said...

What is the name of the spooky guitar track used for the theme song?

10-Feb-08 01:29 PM

Simon Power    Said...

Hi there 'E'. It's just called 'The Weirdest Instruments theme tune' and is exclusive to the show.

11-Feb-08 03:27 AM

E    Said...

Wow I had convinced myself it was some obscure 50's track.

It's amazing either way, so great job to whoever made it.

13-Feb-08 10:54 PM

mike huckaby    Said...

this is great, but why isn't it available in quicktime ?

09-Mar-08 08:44 PM

uRu    Said...

Very very interesting, thanks.

05-Apr-08 05:24 PM

cyberprimate    Said...

The spooky guitar theme sounds very much like an alternate instrumental version of lovely head by Goldfrapp. With a different melody. So I imagine Adrian Utley who played guitar on it was maybe involved somewhere.

07-Aug-08 01:43 PM

Richard    Said...

am i the only one who is being driven mad by the unreliability of these videos, sure they're great when after the 5th refresh it finally buffers..

still the adverts work fine... :(

31-May-09 08:07 AM

Nick B    Said...

Honestly, I think you might be. We havent had any other complaints about this and we usually do if there is a problem. If you want to email me I can try and help figure out what might be causing the problem

04-Jun-09 08:12 AM

ShitSite    Said...

20 eh.... shit site, shit show, shit presentation, site bugs, drivel, crap.

23-Sep-09 09:49 AM

Michelle    Said...

Did you know the musical saw has its own annual festival in NYC? This is a video from the 2010 festival:

30-Oct-10 12:42 PM

forward    Said...

WHY is this episode is NOT ON THE PODCAST?! I want to watch it on my iPod!

27-Nov-10 03:30 AM

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