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Podcast: Sonic TALK 071- Linn Drum II, DSP synths, 8-core Macs
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beej    Said...

Mark - you were talking about how rubbish using a Korg controller with Logic is - if you are talking about the Kontrol or microKontrol, you are right - native Logic support is poor, and using it manually is poor.

The solution that I'm 100% happy with is LC Xmu from OpusLocus - it turns the mK into a Mackie Control, it's been brilliantly designed, and it's like using all the best features of native mode, but *intelligently* dveloped, rather than just slapped in there.

Check it out before you skip the Korg - it's made a *world* of difference for me...

10-Jan-08 04:54 AM

beej    Said...

(And logic was *always* a Mac program first - quit it with this "Atari" stuff... ;)

10-Jan-08 05:06 AM

madmax    Said...

The page for the link is missing. Also, the page for is missing

10-Jan-08 07:48 AM

Nick    Said...

Madmax, thanks for the headsup on the XM2 - that should be sorted, the NAMM page too in a bit

10-Jan-08 08:31 AM

redwalks    Said...

FYI Nick,

it`s the Noro Virus causing an enteritis. Used to be called Norwalk Virus then Norwalk now we (md`s) use the name Noro just for confusion - just like MDs are known for ;-) Right now - winter time - it`s popular over here in germany,too !

Cya,Red !

10-Jan-08 10:16 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Great podcast once again! I missed them the past few weeks. I'm looking forward to see the videos from NAMM!

11-Jan-08 09:51 AM

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