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Analog Sound For Sonic Core
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jimmyv    Said...

Wow, I never knew this site was well versed in the world of DSP DAW's. Cool. I use these mixers live now instead of my old rack mounted Crest. The Crest sounded so much better to me when I was running all of my signals ( 16 ) out of an A16 Ultra into it. But I was using a stock Creamware DSP mixer, and believe me once I heard the FB5 I quickly shrunk my rack space down and sold the mixer. The FB5's big advantage is also the way it handles MIDI. I can leave effects inserted into the channels/AUX's and have presets that can be recalled that have the effects bypassed/muted, all from a KS88 MIDI controller. So the extra controls and level of quality these mixers bring to the stage are 2 fold. Sure I love quality hardware also, but only when I detect an audible difference. Since I can still route our hardware effects into the DSP projects it was an easy decision for us.

07-Jan-09 03:51 AM

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