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CD-Sized Hardware Synth
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dok whammo    Said...

looks really good, im there

19-Dec-07 08:30 PM

Sven , Spain    Said...

Yeah,seems promising.I´m really curious to see what more they´re up to.This might just be very handy gear with lots of potential.Extremely nice of´em to go so old-skool.Count me in as well!

22-Dec-07 08:46 AM

loneraver    Said...

I want to hear how it sounds but they still don't have samples.

24-Dec-07 11:15 AM

angry customer    Said...

Be warned before buying a chimera synth. Read first the forum with hundreds of complains of angry customers Some of them are waiting since a year for there payed synth fed up with lame excuses and fake dispatch dates.

17-Mar-09 10:31 PM

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