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Podcast: Sonic TALK 069 - Ah Blofeld, We've Been Expecting You..
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Lee Talley    Said...

iLok is ok but what concerns me more is using it on a laptop and that dongle just sticking out the side could get broke. Its not bad for desktops but what about something better for laptops.

13-Dec-07 02:11 PM

Matt    Said...

If we must have copy protection in the form of a USB dongle then I'd prefer a system like the iLok (where each manufacturer can put your authorisations on to one device) to each manufacturer insisting that you have their dongle attached for every major plug-in.

It's sometimes difficult enough for me to remember to bring my Logic key and iLok with me if I'm working outside my own studio - I really don't need a mini USB hub full of dongles to carry around.

14-Dec-07 03:47 AM

Klemen    Said...

iLok is not really a solution, synchrosoft apparently is :).

I dislike both but prefer them to C/R. Audio Damage use serial numbers which is best of course (and so do Gmedia - please keep it this way).


14-Dec-07 08:08 AM

dzny    Said...

Sharon Redd "Can You Handle It"!! Wasn't it about some kind of superhuman female genitalia? I loved that record, although I thought it was kind of shocking and sexually threatening ....nowadays tame stuff! LOL

14-Dec-07 12:57 PM

Nick B    Said...

You dzny, I never really thought about it like that - I just took it as a disco record....

but as Sharon did tour as one of Bette Midlers backing vocalists for some time, what you suggest might be true...

14-Dec-07 02:38 PM

Nick B    Said...

That should have read: You know dzny,

15-Dec-07 02:52 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Some great stories this time... Heh - Frank Ellis... That would have helped me though, as I've been saying 'Vangelis' wrong for years, like the 'venge' in revenge and the emphasis on the first syllable... :-)

16-Dec-07 07:38 AM

hui    Said...

Coincidently, there's another anniversary release out this month: JM Jarre's 30th anniversary re-recording of Oxygene. Recorded live in a studio (with 3 other musicians) using much the same analog gear that was on the original release. The performance was filmed and is available in 2D and 3D on the DVD/CD versions of the release, with surround sound. Like Vangelis, he's also included a number of Oxygene variations.

16-Dec-07 11:45 PM

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