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Pioneering Electronic Composer Dies
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Catalin Truta    Said...

I really don't get this "genius" thing regarding Stockhausen. If crazy, or strange is what genius is then it would be possible. And I listened some of his music. "Do not confuse the new Art with the new artists", said a true genius, Constantin Brancusi. Just being an avantgardist doesn't automatically imply geniality IMHO.

09-Dec-07 04:30 PM

Jason Noghani    Said...

Stockhausen was a genius. He constantly requestioned what music was and was capable of in every piece which he wrote, and that is true genius! He once said that the more unlike anything else something is than the greater it is, and his music doesnt sound like anything else. Thats pure genius!

09-Dec-07 06:35 PM

Mr. Tunes    Said...

this news clipping, as well as many others that i've skimmed over on google, do not mention the cause of death.

09-Dec-07 06:44 PM

anony    Said...

"excessive lack of life"

10-Dec-07 06:39 AM

Daniel Diver    Said...

His funeral march will be played on three radios and a sine wave generator.

10-Dec-07 06:53 AM

Floyd Thursday    Said...

Rest in peace. If peace is the right word for that racket.

10-Dec-07 06:56 AM

Ambience    Said...

He was a genius and at least half a century ahead of his time.

10-Dec-07 11:16 AM

zj    Said...

Berio, Ligeti, Stockhausen... who is going to take it over? are we ready?

10-Dec-07 05:43 PM

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