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Inside Synthesis Series Starts Monday 10th
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eric    Said...

wowoow thts coo!!!

07-Dec-07 03:02 AM

Nick B    Said...

Yeah, we're pretty excited here. William has a great format for the shows - we hope you enjoy!

07-Dec-07 03:10 AM

kev    Said...

this is really cool. looking forward to it.

07-Dec-07 04:11 PM

Smurd    Said...


thank you all


08-Dec-07 03:28 PM

Ryan    Said...

Are you just re-releasing what is already on you-tube or what?

08-Dec-07 10:11 PM

Nick B    Said...

Yes, and no - we're starting with a couple of episodes that were on Youtube, and William is adding to the series.

09-Dec-07 01:23 PM

Ryan    Said...

That sounds great Nick. William does have a great format and I am glad I can now find the vids at Sonic State!

09-Dec-07 04:15 PM

artois    Said...

I really appreciate Sonic State supporting such an interesting video maker and musician.

14-Dec-07 07:43 PM

Uchdryd    Said...

Excellent! Bookmarked and on the top of my list. Great stuff.

03-May-09 10:59 PM

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