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Top 5 Greatest Samplers - Episode 5
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Baron Von Cruzer    Said...

The MPEG 4 file is defective. It won't play in QuickTime.

26-Nov-07 06:34 PM

Z    Said...

Fantastic series!

I am a bit disappointed that the Synclavier didn't make even a cameo appearance. If Fairlight CMI was the star, the Synclavier was it's equally capable substitute.

Maybe you can include a short doc of it in the extras on the DVD. :)

27-Nov-07 03:55 PM



29-Nov-07 12:56 PM

Rambo    Said...

I agree with Z that the Synclav should be included, at least by mentioning. I'm also a little disapointed that here CMI is brought down just to first, 8-bit series, while "series III", with, then massive, 9 GB sample library (of course, including Sound Genesis lib), making its prominent footprint on many major soundtracks from the late 80's and mid-90's, is basically just said to exist. I still can't find better strings on any synth.

01-Dec-07 12:20 PM

DasKreestof    Said...

Just as I was surprised that the Kurzweil 2000 series was left out of the top greatest synths, I'm surprised it was left out here as well. I suppose it's because it doesn't have the user base. If you know the unit well though you know it belongs on both lists. It's really the most powerful piece of kit ever made. I'm glad they focused on older gear in this series. It would be hard to include all the modern samplers. I realize that this is more about innovative in the evolution of sampling greatest instead of most powerful, otherwise modern gear would kick it. I also like that they did reference the sad death of the hardware sampler in the series.

As for the comedy, it works best when it's fast and short. I think they've really done a fantastic job with these two series. I'd like to be able to download the files to wmv or something that I could play back on my Zune. I suppose advertisers prefer to have viewers connected to the internet at all times. Unfortunately, the world we live in frequently keeps us offline.

12-Dec-07 10:32 PM

Simon Power    Said...

Thanks for your considered comments, Das. The K2000 is undoubtable one of the best, that goes without saying. But as you rightly pointed out, the series focused on the early innovation of digital sampling and the revolution that caused. Which I think you'll agree, was a fascinating period and worth documenting. BTW, the advertisers have NO say what-so-ever on the content or format of the shows...You can depend on that! :)

13-Dec-07 03:45 AM

Laserbeak    Said...

loved it!! thanks!!

14-Dec-07 06:58 PM

madtheory    Said...

Great series, well done. The comedy made me laugh. That's what it's for, isn't it? :

13-Feb-08 11:35 AM

peek    Said...

Loved my K2000S when I had it. Still does some pretty wild, weird and flexible routing that commercial software only recently started touching on. If only they used modern memory modules and hard drives.

28-Jul-09 12:28 AM

ctp    Said...

wow the guy at the end who keeps bangin on about knotakt is very misinformed! he can not stop stuttering and giving broad statements, i dont care if hes respected, hes full of bullshit, no ableton live is not a sampler its a sequencer, it does what every other decent software sequencer does (cubase, logic, acid, sonar, wateva) live 8 'includes' several samplers if u buy the suite version. AND MOST 'SERIOUS PRODUCERS create there own sounds! i have never met a serious producer who uses kontakts libary, for this simple reason - KONTAKT IS A VERY POPULAR VST THEREFOR 'it attracts lessor musicians looking for a quik musical fix' THESE 'wanna be producer type' PEOPLE USE THE STOCK SOUNDS BUILT INTO IT, INCREASING THE CHANCE OF YOUR SOUNDS IN YOUR TRACKS BEING USED BY OTHERS! i can not stand moorons like him who own big comanys but have no real world knolige but feel the need to talk shit about things they dont know! thinkin beause there respected everything that kums out there smarmy gobs is true! ouuuuuuuu he really gets on my tits the smarmy 'i read this on the ni website so it must be true' twat! OH AND BY THE WAY TWAT FACE (i'll refer to him as that kuz i cant be arsed to even lern his name!) the earlyer versions of the akai mpcs are MUCH easyer to lern to use then lerning to use a pc or mac then the daw then the many vst or dx effects and plug ins THEN THE MIDI DEVISE OR DEVICES YOUR USING, oh n the lack of manual statement, really wats he on about? most of these kids are illegaly downloading these vsts like kontakt, battery, halion, so ussaly they have no manuel, they then look up youtube video tutorials, this is how they lern, without youtube they'd have no clue how to use kontakt as its much more complex then an mpc, most people kudnt even configure there midi device to kontakt with no tutorial! ovcourse if u BUY a peice of hardware like say ouuuu an MPC THEN OVCOURSE if u get stuk you will refer to your manuel in the box it came in! wat can i say really but TWAT FACE YOU TALK SHIT MATE.

29-Mar-10 09:46 AM

Nick B    Said...

Actually you are wrong about so many things in your statement, there's no point in answering all of them, but remember this was made over two years ago, lots of changes since then. I would agree with Ronan (thats his name) that Live has actually lead to less use of samplers in the way they were traditionally used - possibly before you were out of diapers.

Try and curb your insults, you will get on better in life.

29-Mar-10 09:56 AM

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