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Podcast: Sonic TALK 066 - iSmell a Perfume from Apple?
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Marc JX8P    Said...

Glad to see you guys back, I was getting sonictalk withdrawal symptoms! :-)

22-Nov-07 06:05 AM

Nick B    Said...

Thanks Marc, we had fun this week

22-Nov-07 06:45 AM

hiltonius    Said...

really good show, fellows. you helped me pass the time on my flight back from phoenix.

i'm so flattered that Dave found it in his heart to enjoy my email to him about VSM, enough that he'd read part of it (he left out the part about how grateful i am to him for sending it) verbatim on the show. i'm truly honoed that in my absence, i was still somehow there in spirit.

i look forward to being back with my mates on the next one.....


25-Nov-07 07:35 AM

loneraver    Said...

I've been looking for a podcast like this for a while now. I just found this podcast a few weeks ago and I am surprised how good it is. Why can't other podcasts be this good?

26-Nov-07 06:57 PM

Nick B    Said...

Aw Ioneraver, that's mighty kind of you.

We just try to have fun with it

27-Nov-07 04:26 AM

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