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Podcast:TALK065a Touring with Peter Gabriel
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Radar Caves    Said...

Thanks Mr Evens for you fantastic insight into the PG touring life. As a lowly keyboardist myself, for a unsigned Australian band, I really enjoied your views and experiences from a pro tour in Euroland. Sounds like hard work, so maybe Wednesday night pub gigs to 20 people aren;t that bad after all. I like the concept of if you played it once you good enough to plan on stage... sounds very familiar. Cheers mate!

14-Nov-07 02:52 AM

radar caves    Said...

Can I spell... don;t think so. Cheers Mr Evans.

14-Nov-07 02:56 AM

Kieran    Said...

Thanks for the nice podcast! I really enjoyed it.

14-Nov-07 03:48 PM

hiltonius    Said...

this podcast was outstanding! thanks Richard for taking the time to do it!

22-Nov-07 10:56 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Very cool podcast!

22-Nov-07 03:40 PM

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