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MusicLive07: Carillon Computers Make It Simple
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Unhappy    Said...

This Video is not working.......Please sort it.

08-Nov-07 06:32 AM

matt    Said...

the video is still not working

10-Nov-07 09:35 PM

nick    Said...

Sorry folks- should be okay now

11-Nov-07 10:41 AM

a1 computer support    Said...

Ha Ha Ha, Never heard such a load of shit in all my life. Your machines are rubbish, why don't you give the customers their disks. Recommend you avoid these bullshitters, cheap nasty machines. GIVE THE CUSTOMERS THE DISKS, PARTITION MY ARSE.

14-Nov-07 08:17 AM

Yo    Said...

A1 you sound like an anus.

21-Nov-07 09:38 AM

WouldntUlike2Know    Said...

I agree with a1 computer support! Carillon are shocking for computers, they are a complete con!! Why would you spend 999.99 on that heap of crap, the pre amps are awful, it looks horrible, and wow a copy of cusbase LE, great for 16 year olds who have never tried making music before. Schools love them because they are lazy and don't have the resources to support proper equipment. a1 support is spot on, he doesn't sound lke an anus, he just knows what he's talking about, unlike the rest of you!!! Hahahaahahaa good luck with your crappy carillon machine!! Haaaaaahahaha

08-May-08 12:54 PM

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