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Top 5 Greatest Samplers - Episode 3
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Marc JX8P    Said...

Once again, great stuff! Cool to see the footage of Peter Gabriel looking for new sounds.

29-Oct-07 08:18 AM

dv    Said...

So glad you left out the long comedy bits this episode. It really makes it easier to watch.

29-Oct-07 07:06 PM

sk8    Said...

I would like to see the top 5 sequencers and their rhythmic impact.

31-Oct-07 02:36 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

That's a great idea sk8! Perhaps expand it a little bit and include analog sequencers and maybe drum computers too - any sequencing tool.

01-Nov-07 02:07 PM

Simon Power    Said...

We are planning a series on beat boxes. Probably for next year. All ideas are welcomed and thanks for watching the show.

01-Nov-07 03:06 PM

digit62    Said...

There are some weird sounds out there. I remember sampling clay pidgeon shooting on TV into an SK-1. If you play it at the lowest octave it sounds like The Guns from Navarone :) and you did need to rob a bank to get one (as opposed to the Fairlight).

btw. the comedy stuff is what makes the series appealing - there are enough "dry" resources out there for the anoraks to go through.

09-Nov-07 05:59 AM

Simon Power    Said...

...Thanks, digit. Appriciated.

09-Nov-07 10:23 AM

Kristien    Said...

The fairlight is a really cool instrument and it wasn't just a sampler it was also an incredibly powerful sequencer and synthesizer in its own right. i love the fairlight and if i had the money i'd have one or more of them in my retro-futurist set up deffinately.

07-Feb-09 11:04 AM

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