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Top 5 Greatest Samplers - Episode 2
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Marc JX8P    Said...

A particular good one, the Mirage stuff is very informative and the professor is hilarious!

15-Oct-07 10:33 AM

Noyb    Said...

i love the top videos but please, more facts, less "funny" bits please.

it's painful to watch.

please Google the "amen break" video for an idea on how to do this.

15-Oct-07 03:44 PM

Andreas van Engelen    Said...

What a nonsensical topic and what a waste of online video production. What's important? Memory lane or new facts?

16-Oct-07 02:02 AM

Randell    Said...

'Amen break' is one of the most boring videos I've ever seen. This is FAR superior. Get a sense of humor, guys.

16-Oct-07 04:31 AM

digit62    Said...

Was it a dream or just a Mirage?I remember interviewing one of our local artists who had one stuffed to the brim with sitar sounds and voices of Japanese theater. Weird sh$t !!! And yes, that girl from Human League... Don't you want me baby, indeed :)

16-Oct-07 08:53 AM

dv    Said...

I agree, cut out the "funny bits." They drag it out too long.

16-Oct-07 05:08 PM

Smisstles pistols    Said...

I hope the asr-10 is in the next epsiode cos if it it's not!?!?!??! why I orta!!!! Definately think it deserves to be in there considering it's lifespan and it's still very much in use today!!!!

16-Oct-07 07:59 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Funny how opinions can differ. Still, considering how much dry info is available on the net it's very important to do a thing like this with some character and I think the circus-like approach here does give it a unique flavour. Of cause not everyone laughs at the same stuff, but unfortunately that can't be helped. In any case, this is highlty entertaining stuff and I think it's very well produced.

18-Oct-07 06:43 AM

Liberty One    Said...

i'm sure the majority of viewers agree with you marc...these 2 saddos here who bothered to comment are probably Rick Wakeman fans!;)(see Big Brother bit)

18-Oct-07 11:32 AM

oscar    Said...

the show's great, now can we get back to talking about samplers? I predict S950 for top.

18-Oct-07 11:58 AM

d3mzee    Said...

I HOPE Kurzweil wins!

23-Oct-07 05:24 PM

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