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AESNYC07: Sonar 7 New Features Video
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Jon    Said...

hi - I can't hear any sound on the AESNYC07: Sonar 7 New Features Video - - and I'm wondering if it's just me, or if the sound got deleted,...

12-Oct-07 09:23 PM

Fred    Said...

Works great for me

13-Oct-07 08:41 AM

Toyboy    Said...

The sound works for me too!

17-Oct-07 10:27 AM

bdfutch    Said...

I turned off my sound and yep, your right I don't hear a thing.

23-Oct-07 07:48 PM

GHC P.Eng    Said...

Am I crazy or are those mac displays?

28-Dec-07 08:45 AM

DatA BloSSom    Said...

Those appear to be HP actually.

16-Jan-08 08:21 PM

son of sonar    Said...

They Sold me better they any other daw out their

vista makes every thing look pretty

26-Jan-08 08:14 AM

56Realproductions    Said...

Cake is really great I hear the sound real do

29-Jan-08 10:52 AM

Secret Lee    Said...

the mastering section..about 8.20 in ..what is that song he plays???

07-Feb-08 04:27 PM

TwoBitBetty    Said...

Hi there, sailor.

04-May-08 01:17 PM

sam    Said...

thanks :)

14-Jun-08 04:20 AM

The Man!    Said...

It's no brainer!

SONAR 8 is years ahead of other DAW platforms and are the leader in new Technology! Full support with VISTA 64bit says it all!

06-Oct-08 04:03 PM

badbaby    Said...

i love you

13-Jul-09 05:42 AM

setg    Said...


13-Jul-09 05:43 AM

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