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AESNYC07: iZotope RX Restores Anything
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mike huckaby    Said...

Wow man, where did this company come from ? I must have been sleeping under a rock. They have 2 killer applications no producer or dj can live without right now. I wish I would have discovered the Izotope Ozone 3, when it first came out. Just run a track through the loudness brickwall preset and you will be floored.

The Izotope RX is an extremely significant application as well. It has an easy 1 page does it all interface, great documentation, excellent video and manual tutorials, and amazing signal processing, and restoration possibilities.

Its great for restoring music on vinyl, removing pops and clicks, noise, hum, clipping , and more.

I have a lot of vinyl that needs to be digitally converted, and this app will do that just fine.

And last but not least, it will be a joy to quiet down signals coming from analog gear, which may contain inherent hum, and noise.

You can even zero in on a specific frequency, and remove the sound of a cough, or a fallen book in a room while a recording took place. i havent tried that feature yet, but it is possible. It just dosent stop with this app. There is a lot more you can do with it.

The Izotope RX is a must have application. I realized this immediately after downloading the demo.

Mike Huckaby

03-Jan-08 11:36 AM    Said...

I own RX. A fabulous and affordable suite. Highly recommended.

28-Jan-08 06:24 PM

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