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AESNYC07: Video - T.L.Audio Fat Track
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dzny    Said...

stop using the word "fat", mr. larkin, it's really played out.

08-Oct-07 11:58 AM

Bjarne D.    Said...

A nice piece of gear...

09-Oct-07 07:31 AM

Benjamin Tremain    Said...

F&^king COOL!

17-Jan-08 12:02 PM

driven    Said...

ah ah aaaaaaah Yes... Thanks

29-Jan-08 07:44 PM

nick    Said...

my name is curtis and im dumb and dont know any wordssssssssssssssssssssss

23-Mar-09 03:02 PM

briar    Said...

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23-Mar-09 03:06 PM

curtis    Said...

my name is curtis parr and i love love love mennnnnnnnn call plaeas

23-Mar-09 03:07 PM

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