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Podcast: Sonic TALK061 -Grow Hair While You Can
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huigui    Said...

Addendum: The Logic 8 version of Space Designer supports up to 7.1 surround sound, and includes a range of surround IRs.

01-Oct-07 09:51 AM

Matt    Said...

I think Logic 7.x has a maximum length of the IR - about 10 seconds from memory.

As part of a university project we made a bunch IRs in 5.1 at various locations along with ambience recordings for use in post-production. One of the places we got was a domed mausoleum with a very long echo and Space Designer at the time couldn't handle the whole thing.

03-Oct-07 07:37 PM

huigui    Said...

L8's Impulse Response Utility allows up a 100 sec reverb time and up to a 50 sec sweep length (1-7 channels), so I guess Space Designer will handle those domed mausoleum IRs now.

04-Oct-07 09:42 AM

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07-Oct-07 10:32 AM

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