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Native Instruments Announces New Komplete Range
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F. Rinkle    Said...

Any new product from Native Instruments should mention that their draconian copy protection has prevented many registered owners from successfully installing their software for over a year and their technical support often fails to respond and frequently cannot activate the product when you are on the phone with them. Purchasing the software is not a guarantee that you will be able to use the software. See their own forum for hundreds of examples:

13-Sep-07 10:13 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Just a quick copy paste from my Kontakt reaction:

Never had any problem myself though, installing (and deinstalling) Kompakt and Kontakt on three machines over the past years - in xp and Vista. In my experience its been highly flexible and quick.

14-Sep-07 03:49 AM

Marvin Alejandro    Said...

hi hi hi hi!!!

11-Sep-08 03:14 AM

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