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Podcast: Sonic TALK058 - Reason 4, Nuendo 4, Fab Four
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Ian Webster Krakli Software    Said...

I find these podcasts really, really interesting and await each new one with eager anticipation. This episode appears very very slow to download though, is there any reason for that?

06-Sep-07 04:28 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Once again, highly entertaining! I found it kind of interesting though that in the 'age-related-impulse-buys' section none of you wanted to go for a really expensive musical item such as a vintage Moog Modular or something like that! :-) Then again, that's work-related...

07-Sep-07 02:51 AM

Nick    Said...

Ian, not sure why it was slow to download - we have had a lot of traffic in the last 24hrs what with the Tenori-On video n stuff

07-Sep-07 08:32 AM

Ryan    Said...

Rap and Hip Hop hasn't died at all. I would just say that it has moved into the clubs (more so than the past) and become a singles (rather than album) culture for the most part. Not very many Taleb's and Common's out there to furnish a quality album. So if I would say anything substantial about it-- people are treating it like a dance music. They buy a song or two or rip a song or two instead of wasting money on the 11 other songs on "rapper X's" mostly filler CD. And everyone in the rap and hip-hop game knows this and they concentrate on one or two songs at a time rather than an entire album

07-Sep-07 04:41 PM

Peter    Said...


09-Jan-08 03:43 AM

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