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Top 5 Greatest Samplers - Trailer
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beej    Said...

Yay! The Prof's back...

05-Sep-07 06:45 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Fantastic! Looking forward to it!

06-Sep-07 06:32 AM

Tenori-one    Said...

hahahahaha - Frickin Will Smith! The Prof is more jiggy than him!

07-Sep-07 03:15 PM

digit62    Said...

My 13 year old does a good sampler imitation if you feed him enough beans. Can't wait for the series to start!!!

20-Sep-07 10:29 AM

Akai Z8 - The Best Sampler Ever    Said...

very iritating presentation.

Why don't you cut the crap and just give us the list you wuz?

07-Oct-07 05:44 PM

SP1200 + akai s950    Said...

akai z8 is the bes sampler ? HAHAHAHAHAH

29-Nov-07 09:38 PM

SP1200 + akai s950    Said...

akai Z8 is the best sampler ever ? HAHAHAHAHAHH

29-Nov-07 09:39 PM

Andi    Said...

I'm not easily irmpesesd. . . but that's impressing me! :)

27-Jun-11 11:00 PM

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