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Make A Date For Reason
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Bartal    Said...

Hmmmm... the USD price is almost 20% lower than the EUR price with the current currency exchange rates.

02-Sep-07 02:56 PM

Mauro Rosati    Said...

Don't buy it form Propellerhead website, try the online stores, it's cheaper. In an italian store it costs 399 euros, it's not convenient buying stuff directly from the developers store, it's the same also for ikmultimedia stuff.

03-Sep-07 04:53 AM

Mauro Rosati    Said...

and if you're form USA go to Sam Ash or Guitar Center, or Sweetwater, you can get it cheaper and without any shipping cost, never buy from the developers website, you pay more of the real price.

03-Sep-07 04:55 AM

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