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Podcast: Sonic TALK 055 - Waves Come Down Hard on Cracks
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beej    Said...

So, the whole Waves thing. I'm no lover of some of their policies, even if I like (and own) some of their products.

But I have to side with Waves on this one.

It comes across when people talk about this like "Evil Corporation Waves are mystery shopping and victimising poor innocent computer users to try and extract as much money from them as they can".

The truth is, the users who are "worried" are using illegal software, in 97% of cases they know exactly what they are doing, and if they'd bought the software legitimately they wouldn't need to worry, even if they were targeted by Waves reps.

Crack users have enjoyed basically no consequences for using this stuff for a long time, and now they are having to think that there might be real, legal and financial consequences, especially when using it commercially. I think it's a good message for Waves to send.

However, coming from Waves, with their reputation, they might think about some of the *other* messages they send their userbase as well, to actually give back some feedback that they care and respect their legitimate paying customers - because some of their policies do not send that message.

09-Aug-07 06:39 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Very informative podcast. Good to see you guys get a scoop and I'm very intrigued by that tesla coil synth... Next generation laser harp? It would be kind of funny to see Jarre try to play it by interrupting the beams... :-D

09-Aug-07 06:46 PM

Nick B    Said...

Thanks Mark, we need to thank Dave Robinson for that, we were just the conduit for the podcast version - but it's a good story innit?

If you dig around on Youtube's related vids theres some really scary Tesla stuff with kids in bedrooms and the like - I'm sure its very dangerous!

10-Aug-07 01:42 AM

Oliver Davis - Roland UK    Said...

Cracked software ? - Simple dont use it. In my early days I has use of cracked software but since I have been producing professionally - I would not use anythin but legit software. - You have to support the industry you are in!

13-Aug-07 07:41 AM

Ian Steel    Said...

Your comment says it all Oliver. That you yourself used cracked software to go on and become a legitimate user after you profit from those warez.

This is the model the industry should be cultivating. That poor people can still have access to the creative arts is important.

29-Oct-07 08:40 AM

Ross    Said...

Personally I think it is about time more software companies took this approach. As a studio owner who uses 100% legal software I have to compete with people who are just downloading it for free, how do you argue this is fair?

Educational versions should be made available for people to learn from or for personal use and cheap rental versions available for people who can not afford to invest in the software but want to make money from it.

The industry has been hit hard by falling equipment prices and magazines saying you can do it all at home it's about time the professionals got some support from the industry. I personally would not have a hard time about reporting plug-in piracy because these people are devaluing my business by illegal use of software or stealing!

If you use it pay for it. Would you be comfortable with your painter using stolen paint?

Most people know when a studio/engineer is using illegal plugins so they should be held responsible as well. I feel users have a duty of care to ensure they use legal equipment and reputable companies, the reality is the guys using stolen plugins are no cheaper than the people with the licenses...

Perhaps the industry could get together and issue certificates for the software you have a license for which you could display like an insurance certificate. So users would be easily able to tell if they were being ripped off and involved unwittingly in software piracy.

23-Apr-08 10:56 AM

Jagz    Said...

Waves, way over priced software which does not sound as good as its hardware counterpart. So why waste your money?

Logic for example dropped in price from £800 to £300, why because software is not worth the ridiculous price tags they conjure up thus people crack it. Have a reasonable price tag and musicians will purchase legitimately.

Better still just use hardware.

11-Nov-08 10:07 AM

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