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Tenori Story Continues This September
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boopiedoopboop    Said...

On top of the guy showing it being sort of a 'bag, the thing is just largely a ripoff of the monome 40h! ( Oh course this thing has its own built in sounds which totally suck, so I guess that somehow justifies it being double the price of the monome.... wankers.

03-Aug-07 11:48 AM

someone with a brain    Said...

the only thing this has in common with the monome is buttons that light up.. pretty flimsy evidence for a "ripoff"

03-Aug-07 08:19 PM

Nick B    Said...

I'm not sure it's largely a ripoff - I know that Monome is a small company, but we met the guy whos been working on this for the last 5 years, not long ago (interview coming soon) and I dont think that it was a cynical corporate ripoff - as you seem to suggest.

04-Aug-07 03:55 PM

Monokit    Said...

The Monome is a very much different concept, i´d say. The designer of the Tenori also created Elektro Plankton for the Nintendo DS.

11-Aug-07 06:02 AM

Monokit    Said...

Different concept means, you can create your own software for the Monome. But you always need a computer with you in order to use it. As you can see on their site: It´s different.

11-Aug-07 06:10 AM

SekondThought    Said...

I've actually seen on the Yamaha site that it will not be on sale from the 4th of September, as this is just a test marketing event for Yamaha to decide if they are going to sell it in other countries outside of Japan or not. If it doesn't go on sale in the UK, I will be getting one imported from somewhere!!!! I really want one...NOW!

12-Aug-07 05:32 PM

Tom    Said...

I seriously hope this makes it to USA. I will gladly spend the $800-$1,000 this will alledgedly cost me.

Trouble is, Elektroplankton (the Nintendo DS game he created) had a tough time coming to America. It took a while and then it was pulled off the shelves. That game cost $30. The market here will be even smaller at the $1,00 price tag.

15-Aug-07 09:55 AM

I'm going to have one!    Said...

It will be on sale in the UK during September. Its a test market within the UK so can only be sold to UK addresses. Yamaha UK confirm that units are about to arrive and that its a real product. Depending on the results of the test market, they might consider rolling it out to other countries. Its a public launch event on Sept 4th and 5th ( so, I guess, I'll see you there.

27-Aug-07 03:57 AM

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