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SNAMM07: Classic Rock Combo
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john Comer    Said...

Does anyone remember the Swinging Gate Teen Club in Ft. Wayne Indiana in the 1960?s? A lot of national groups graced their stage! The Who, The Buffalo Springfield, The Yard Birds, Dennis Yost and the Classic’s Four and The Outsiders just to Name a few!

I was a member of that teen Club and I saw a lot of those bands as a matter of fact I am Drummer and we were the Swinging Gate House Band and we played with a lot of Headliner groups!

The name of our band was The Souls on Fire and we played with Dennis Yost and The Classic’s Four when they played the Swinging Gate. We also Played with The Outsiders when they played the Swinging Gate! We also Played with Derek and the Dominoes at the Hullabaloo club in Fort Wayne, Indiana. (another great club from the past) (Remember this was all in the late 1960?s) John Comer Cleveland, Ohio

20-Aug-10 02:06 PM

S.T. (keyboards)    Said...

The Swinging Gate was on West Berry Street in Fort Wayne during the heyday of local-regional rock and cheap national acts. The Who performed their first album there Nov. 24-7?, 1967 - Happy Jack, Boris the Spider etc. I believe I saw Jefferson Airplane there. We knew the manager Stu/Stew as I played keys for the Surf Suns/Boston Creme Pie at the time with band manager/bass player Tony Lillo. We did a lot of gigs in the tri-state area (union band) as well as founding a recording studio, Sound Trac Inc., which was on S. Hanna for a while. The Swinging Gate could not sustain the costs given kids did not often have the cost of membership dues. It became an open venue for a while, then closed. Lots of other venues were much more successful at the time -- there was rarely an ill-attended dance anywhere, and bands were of a high national-to-near-national calibre in many cases, achieving record deals and/or careers in the industry and cutting records when it was prohibitively expensive without backing.

04-Nov-12 10:25 PM

rb    Said...

rb S.T. I sure do remember those names as well as the times. I remember Sound Trac also. There were many bands around the area at the time. Competition was really tough, due to the wealth of talent in the area-union or non-union. I was union also at the time but worked mostly non-union. Mr. Block (sp) had a great idea but something happened along the way. I do remember when the Who performed, there were so many in attendance that you could hardly move, anywhere at any time. The stairs were so packed, if you were on them, you could only stand in line. Later in life the basement was used as the BMV and it still had the black and white tiles on the floor then. I had relocated back to Ft. Wayne and went there to get my license and I just smiled and remembered as I stood in line for my license. The memories just came flooding back. I do remember you and Tony foundly and wish you all the best.

25-Feb-13 04:18 PM

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