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SonicTV Checks Out The Korg M3 Pt1
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Cloud    Said...

Very informative. I'm in the market for a new workstation so this review appears at the PERFECT time. Great Job! I'll be looking forward to Part 2. Any other workstation reviews in the works?

24-Jul-07 03:47 PM

NuSkoolTone    Said...

Glad you like it, but you sound like a shill for Korg.

30-Jul-07 06:59 PM

nicky    Said...

with karma, u just press the pads and 'audition' or maybe pass your time with the karma combis. but other than that, yawnnnnn i wouldn't get another korg again. the keys are so bad compared to yamaha

01-Oct-07 02:24 AM

MR    Said...

nicly why don't you just shoot yourself? Moron

26-Nov-08 09:49 AM

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