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Sonicstate Talk to DEVO
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Synthpopurist    Said...

Devo, pioneers experimenting with weird, inhuman synth sounds? Where?? Their music sounds awfully guitar-based to me.

23-Jun-07 04:18 PM

oved    Said...

see it worked! synthpopurist is already devoluted!

30-Jun-07 01:38 PM

Phil    Said...

The most experimental sounds Devo ever made were their early recordings, prior even to the 1977 Stiff EP. These precocious nuggets were eventually released by Rykodisk in the 90s as Hardcore Devo, two volumes' worth. When I listen to that I can clearly understand why they chose Robert Margouleff (of the even-more-pioneering "Tonto's Expanding Headband" fame) to produce some of their albums.

04-Aug-07 08:14 PM

ss    Said...

that guy who stole his laptop needs to get electrified!

18-Mar-08 12:16 AM

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