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Podcast: Sonic TALK - 051 Why Dont Women Want To?
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Tronam    Said...

For running DX only plugins within a VST only host (such as Cubase4), there's a slick freeware DX-VST shell utility that can be downloaded here:

It lets you wrap the DX plug so that it loads as a VST. Might be worth checking out.

22-Jun-07 04:18 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Thanks for another great season of podcasts! Enjoy your holidays!

23-Jun-07 07:30 AM

velocipede    Said...

Thanks for another interesting show.

I want to make a clarification about Carbon Copy Cloner and the upgrade from PPC to Intel. CCC is a great program but it cannot be used to clone a boot disc from a PPC Mac to be used on an Intel Mac. From the web site: "Until Apple provides a Universal OS that is capable of booting both architectures, do not clone a PowerPC Mac to an Intel Mac or vice versa."

I just switched from a G5 iMac (and a decapitated 667 (666?) G4 Powerbook) to an MB. I have had to reauthorize some programs after using Migration Assistant, but I've experienced the same thing using CCC. Some software seems to check the CPU and/or the HD as a part of copy protection, so reauthorization may be unavoidable. Dave might be able to explain protection schemes that do this.

Keep the great podcasts coming. Aaron (PS: Perhaps you could find some women in the industry to join your panel?)

23-Jun-07 03:59 PM

P.J. Tracy    Said...

Thanks for the info on the DX wrapper! This will be mighty handy.

25-Jun-07 03:11 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Hi PJ, thanks for telling us about Hiromi. Amazing, what a talent! And always great to see a musician really enjoy playing.

26-Jun-07 11:44 AM

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