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Podcast: Sonic TALK - 050 - Laughs and Prizes!
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Nerd #1    Said...

Twin Ion Engine=TIE Fighter

14-Jun-07 11:35 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Great job on reaching your 50th episode and on keeping the quality high while keeping the format informal! Hope the champagne didn't have any negative after effects :-) and here's to another 50!

14-Jun-07 05:43 PM

myspace/Akaono    Said...

Great as usual! Happy 50th!

15-Jun-07 08:21 AM

John Greythorne    Said...

Excellent stuff. Always enjoy the episodes. Happy 50th episode and 1st birthday.

15-Jun-07 12:18 PM

Robbie Ryan    Said...

Happy 50th Anniversary, Chaps. If anyone is looking for the full audio of the Roger Linn story, here's the link:

PS: I don't work for the BBC, Roger Linn, or Sonic State, but I'm eager to take a crack at the Boom Chick if they need any Beta Testers. :)

15-Jun-07 06:50 PM

beej    Said...

Happy 50th chaps!

Ditto to all the above comments, and long may you continue..!

17-Jun-07 03:47 PM

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