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They Are Devo
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Mr. Hinky Dink    Said...

DEVO, fantastic. Uncontrollable Urge, Mongoloid, Beatiful World, Girl U Want... Their first UK tour in 15 years? Count me in! I've been reading on the Net that Brian Eno might be at some of the gigs. Would be nice to see the band reunited with the producer of their debut album. What a classic.

13-May-07 02:54 AM

dabi    Said...

i remember at the time being disappointed with the album. having already seen them live and enjoyed the more stripped down style of their debut single on their own label.

15-May-07 10:01 PM

l.c.thecow    Said...

i can't say who i am, but my auntie was mrs. hinky dink in the video! hope to see you in the u.k.

26-May-07 05:25 AM    Said...

Fan since concert seen in 1980 in LA. But when Eno joins the guys I rather wouldn't miss it.Any news where this will happen in EU???

dutch words got stuck in my throat.. er!k

01-Jun-07 04:57 PM    Said...

Been a DEVO fan since the early eighties when i was about 12 years old. Never thought i'd get the chance to see them live. I will be at the manchester apollo 23rd June and i cannot wait. Duty now for the future spuds.

08-Jun-07 06:47 PM

BoojiBoy    Said...

amazing it's been 27 years since I first heard of them

got my ticket for Barcelona Sónar

with their microphone / they'll do a super show / i'll announce the winner on the radio

12-Jun-07 05:48 AM

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