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Podcast: Sonic TALK - 044 Modern and Ancient Tech
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klash    Said...

duranduranduranduranduranduranduran..... someone shut him up sik of hearing about his 10 a penny tales about duran duran .. he has to name drop in every single podcast ... whyyyyyy????

02-May-07 06:45 PM

Zvukoprocessor    Said...

Why not? I enjoy every bit of it, and I never ever even heard Duran Duran records, so come on Mark, keep talking!

03-May-07 06:06 AM

Guvnor    Said...

So you mean all this time Mark was yapping on about Nick Rhodes from Duran Duran and not Nick's Rhodes (as in Nick Batt's knackered old electric piano)?

Well stone me.....

03-May-07 10:49 AM

P.J. Tracy    Said...

A large part of Mark's professional experience involves Duran Duran. I don't believe it is name dropping simply to relay one's perfessional and creative practices. This is a large portion of what we have to bring to the show.

03-May-07 02:45 PM

Mark Tinley    Said...

As you have said that with such force... May the 4th be with you... You know what... Next week I am not going to mention Duran Duran - I'll just talk about me and how wonderful I am :-)

04-May-07 03:38 PM

saskatchewan    Said...

it actually offended me more the time mark said that he hated Lord of the Rings more than when he talks about Duran Duran... everyone's got their niche of music they've found themselves in... Mark hates jazz too... oh well... I used to hate Celine Dion, and I still don't listen for pleasure, but I guarantee that if my buddy was her tech-person, I would think that was cool...

04-May-07 08:29 PM

Richard Hilton    Said...

it's a tricky thing, folks....

when a significant portion of your professional career involves working with well-known people, you just can't help telling stories about your LIFE that involves those people.

let me assure you, as one who knows Mark very well, that he's no more impressed with himself for his association w/Duran Duran than you'd be. he's just very forthcoming with stories involving real situations in the studio, and many of those happen to involve people that lots of folks know. it doesn't make him a "name-dropper" - it makes him a guy with a wealth of valuable experience and anecdotes to pass on.

07-May-07 09:10 AM

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