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Podcast: Sonic TALK - 043 Bad LP covers, clients and good plug-ins
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klash    Said...

why can we not have 1 podcast without the mention of duran duran

26-Apr-07 04:55 PM

Nick    Said...

Heheh! Well we did in number 041 - that was the interview with John Bowen ;-)

27-Apr-07 08:23 AM

Anomoly    Said...

The podcast is getting better every time, and the two americans we great additions. I have yet to find a better sound/music/software podcast - keep up the great work

30-Apr-07 09:55 AM

saskatchewan    Said...

I'm still trying to come to terms with how somebody as articulate as PJ is could be part of a band that seems so base & vulgar.... as always love the podcast...

04-May-07 11:16 PM

tc    Said...

What happened to Marks Logic Feedback song?

16-May-07 10:38 PM

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