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beej    Said...

Hey, love this IPTV show! Marc Norris is a legend!

Anyway, interesting this one - out of the top five positions remaining, everybody knows the DX7, M1, Prophet 5 and Minimoog will be in there. But I can't work out that last position.

I'd guess the Mini will be voted at #1, which leaves the #2 position open. Hmm... Kurzweil K-series? Matrix-12? Fairlight? Arp Odysey?

I guess we'll find out next time!

25-Apr-07 06:25 AM

Simon Power    Said...

Hi there Beej...What's number 2? I'm afraid I couldn't possibly comment. hehe! By the way, The Professor sends his regards.

25-Apr-07 07:00 AM

Cloud    Said...

NICE Show. Congratulations!

Just one footnote about the DX7 & FM Synthesis - Native Instruments FM8 finally demonstrates the sonic potential of the DX in a clear, concise and easy to use manner. I'm surprised you didn't mention it in the show or add it to your links.

25-Apr-07 09:27 AM

Michael    Said...

Loved the Sequential Circuits interview.

Not a lot left I know about for the top two.

* Sinclavier * Fairlight * JXP (But I suspect they covered all those analog Roland synths) * MC-303 (Not likely, from what I have seen) * Kurzweil (Not likely)

01-May-07 01:12 AM

arclight    Said...

Good god this show is addictive. I've watched each episode several times.

Personally, I think #2 is going to be the Fairlight. At least, I HOPE it's going to be the Fairlight!!! :-)

01-May-07 04:58 PM

Daybreak    Said...

Great, I'm glad you've started going into more depth with each synth.

And giving us a better idea of what each sounds like made my day.


23-May-07 09:14 PM

Vic    Said...

I thought I was on top of the moon when I had my DX-7, JX-3P and my Trusty Mirage rack back in '86. All sonic palletes at the time were covered with these 3 pieces of gear. Other than a great controller with the E! I had installed in the DX-7, I still never really figured out how to program it. It was an eclectic piece though and built like a tank.

25-May-07 01:21 PM

Putas    Said...

Finally a show I really enjoy watching. It's really nice you read AND consider all of the posistive and/or negative comments. I really love the sound sample part of those presentations. The videos could be tighten into 14-16 minutes now, but it's an improvement anyway - keep up the good work!

26-May-07 08:54 PM

Alex the smart ass    Said...

OH! Now I know what he was quoting!!!! Say hello, wave goodbye!!! By SoftCall/Marc Almond!!!!!

Where's my cash prize?

23-Apr-08 10:52 AM

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