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MESSE07: Eastwest Show Off New Instruments
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Anomoly    Said...

anyone else think that 250 gigs for a PIANO is a lil much?! do they expect us to be using terabyte harddrives?

I love Eastwest stuff... it just takes forever to load - if they could get that quality in a smaller package, then they would really have something ;)

04-Apr-07 06:39 PM

Observer    Said...

Nothing that other companies haven't been doing for years now. What's the big deal?

04-Apr-07 10:48 PM

Nash    Said...

Convinces me even more that EW/QL have completely lost the plot. Every "feature" of Play Nick mentioned was something that is already possible in K2; nice that they'd force their users into an unproven proprietary format just so they could save themselves money on licensing... And how many people do you think can hear the difference between a struck moving piano string and struck stationary string anyway, to the point you'd want to dedicate an entire hard drive to it? Surely it's just "mine's bigger than yours" one-upmanship?

05-Apr-07 08:53 PM

phraggle    Said...

Well, he did say that they went way over the top with the piano library, no?

I want one of those gizmos he was using to play Stormdrum... What was that?

23-Apr-07 05:59 PM

At the movies...    Said...

uuuh, whatta you guys talking about? Eastwest usually delivers stunning samplebanks (except for the strings, I still work with string orchestra's). I applaud all efforts by Eastwest and be sure to hear Eastwest samples in theatres nation wide!

09-Jun-07 02:25 PM


What kind of soundcard was he useing?, computer , how many gigs?, the price, do you need a special controller keyboard.. Anyways, don,t you get sick and tired of putting money into virtual softwares all the time, not to mention the computer and soundcard. I prefer playing a real nylon chord guitar and mic it. I can understand for a steinway piano sound or Hammond B3 with leslie speakers. I have some East-West stuff that i still sometimes use and Big Fish audio.

11-Sep-07 10:59 AM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

So, is East West the worldwide premium samplelibrary masters now then? The breadandbutter first port of call? Cheaper than VSL and more articulations than Kontakt, better quality and better graphic design than Sampletank. You have to hand it to them, they've created some great sounding packages that wouldn't have been obvious choices. I'm waiting to see a video arrive showcasing Ra - that's the real test. I love the sounds of Stormdrum 2. Giant sized brushed floor toms? Genius. Puts pay to the mundane sounds of NI Battery 3. They have some great demos on the soundsonline site too. The Zendrum controller is hideously expensive, a markup possibly justified by its gorgeousness of design and playability of it's pads. Plus I think they're all carved out of the original cross. I don't understand Voices Of Passion, a rare miss from EWQL. I think it sounds pretty terrible, and surely will only appeal to a very niche market, and the amateur section of it, at that. As for the apparently controversial 250GB piano set? Decide where you want to draw the line, kids? I personally think the finest sampled piano exists in the form of the Steinway Grand on IK Multimedia's Miroslav Philarmonik, an 8GB orchestral pack of which the piano is only one of about 50 instruments. I've never found any fault with it, and am slightly laboring my credulity to find the need for that degree of detail. On the other hand, it's got to sound and feel brilliant with all those articulations under your fingers (provided they work - no evidense to suggest they wont)? Again, perhaps limited appeal will stifle it's popularity, but for the right reasons! If you want the best you gotta be accommodating.

Great video - I wish there were enough of them to constitute a whole TV channel

23-Jul-08 02:56 PM

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