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MESSE07: Nord Lead Successor Spotted
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Gonkulator    Said...

He said two extras: "one being wavetables, and one being samples." I hope that means VS/Waldorf type wavetables, not just a chichen-**** term for multisamples

31-Mar-07 03:17 PM

JACHIN    Said...

what they really need to do is offer a LARGE 512mb -1gb of flash ram , able to take large compact flash cards ( 4gb) and they need to offer a way for users to create their own wavesequences like the Oasys and old wavestation.It i hope will also import s1000 and s6000 akai files.

05-Apr-07 11:23 AM

speckp    Said...

looks good. Not to forget that hopefully Clavia implement the LED rotaries that let you know where your tweaks currently sit...they were very handy on the NL3.

15-Apr-07 07:38 PM

rbr2c    Said...

I own a Nord Stage 76, best keyboard feel and sound set bar none. If the build quality is consistent on the Wave then this will be the next keyboard for me. A Card Slot, More Sample RAM space (1Gig), and a 76 key version option would be sweet. Either way, I'm buying one as soon as they become available. I've gotten nothing but compliments on the NORD products.

16-Jun-07 08:40 AM

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