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MESSE07: Keyboard Controller With MPC Pads
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dissapointed    Said...

Tell me they didn't do all this a leave the actual sequncer out? Why, why, why not put it all together?

06-Apr-07 11:37 AM

electrophilic    Said...

because then it would be a workstation rather than a midi-controller.

probably to keep costs down too

07-Apr-07 09:56 PM

Bad Mind -    Said...

this looks like a controller i might buy :) i use mpc1k now, love the sequencing but ive been on the computer for years and have been loving reason lately again... the remote sl 61 is the greatest, but i think this thing could be great with the remote SL Zero all integrated into one sequencer!

20-Apr-07 08:09 AM

M.Owens    Said...

It's nice but i mean all those options can be run out of pro tools with a $169 m-audio controller(semi-weighted. Minus the sequencer its not for the $300-400....i think imma get a kurzweil off ebay and call it a day.

17-Sep-07 01:11 PM

N/a    Said...

Sad this guy need to go back to Akai class he sucks at this demo.... real boring and he pauses way to much... IMO

24-Oct-07 03:50 PM

moeman    Said...

this guy really bored me. He didn't even give a good demo of the product. I knew about this keyboard a whole year ago and found it hard to get more info on it. Now that I know you can't use it as a sequencer I'm not gonna pay 300 to 400 greenies on this. It's too bad to, cause for a year I've been waiting for this answer and now their gonna miss money from a faithful customer.

21-Nov-07 01:50 PM

statix    Said...

i heard it get its midi time sig.seq encoding from the the actual conroller which converts the host seq.program o behave and feel like an actual MPC.NO?

09-Dec-07 11:27 PM

Yamagucci    Said...

I use ProTools and Reason and this product seems like a perfect addition. You get semi-weighted keys, full size sliders, 360 knobs, MPC quality pads, and they throw in an onboard arpeggiator (sp?). Did I mention MPC in "the legendary" feel and most important single button in HIP HOP drumming??? Ok maybe I'm getting a bit over excited, but still, if you compare the features this controller offers with the quality that each of those features is being offered in, this thing is WAY better than similarly priced products from Korg or Roland. Don't even try to argue for M-AUDIO based on price....I'm talking about superior feel. Not to mention this thing has very distinct looks.

15-Dec-07 06:43 PM

DBM    Said...

Sign a petition to get Akai to make an AU plugin to bridge the gap between Logic and their MPK/MPD series of controllers.

Let them Know we want Mixer control !

09-Mar-10 01:28 PM

Dave    Said...

I just played around with this at GC when I bought my MPD18. You really have to try it out because the keys and overall quality are way higher than say the m-audio keys. Everything just seems higher grade all around. I would rather not pay for an outboard sequencer since I'm using Ableton Live anyway, so for me it's a better option. You can use the swing function and other akai goodies right into your sequencer, and it is all premapped for lots of programs like Reason and Ableton. It's worth the dough IMHO. Check it out before you put it down. I'm probably going to get the 61 key version.

25-May-10 04:54 PM

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