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MESSE07: Behringer Digital DJ Mixer
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Sho    Said...

Seems to be nice stuff with alot of options. Finally my doubt will still be on the touhness and quality of this DDM4000. For home using it seems to be perfect. But for a party? I still don't know.

26-Aug-07 07:22 AM

Djs0ulfree    Said...

Behringer has not done badd with their products. I had Been using their djx700 for the past year w/0 any problems whatsoever. Only con is their overall sound output. Its not very good on amplified dance hall systems. F friend of mines Numark mixer outputs twice the amount of sound w/ half as much master volume with triple the sound clarity... if the behringer crew is reading this, PLZ update that on your new 4000

10-Sep-07 10:24 PM

J2O    Said...

I cant wait for this mixer, iv got a Vestax PCV 275 at the moment but i wanted to go digital, so this is going to be perfect!

Hurry up and release it in the UK ! :-)

03-Oct-07 03:29 AM

HappyGermanFriend    Said...

I´am think behringer is going professionell in dj equipment !! i also can wait for it !! hopefully i get it as far as possible!!

11-Oct-07 05:12 AM

indelible    Said...

mixer features seem good...but i'll wait for the reviews....btw, this guy needs a public speaking class...his constant "uuuuhhhs" and "uuuummms" are so distracting & ruins all his videos

02-Nov-07 01:20 PM

Pablo    Said...

This looks to be a brilliant package, especially for those who feel that the Pioneer DJM-800 is out of their price range, the only concern I'd have - and it does sound a bit picky - is that the headphone socket is extremely badly-placed, DJs with Sony headphones which have "curly" cables will find that the cable catches on some of the controls - and most importantly the faders which might lead to some embarassing moments, a second socket on the front panel would have been welcome and would be the first (warranty-voiding) modification I'd add.

25-Nov-07 02:43 PM

polo    Said...

in the picture looks amazing...but please let me know if this mixer has same power output than numark.

22-Feb-08 10:12 AM

dj jota    Said...

Mucho bla bla y poca accion pero la maquina se ve buena

31-Mar-08 08:02 PM

dj jota    Said...

quiero verla funcionando

31-Mar-08 08:03 PM

Einar    Said...

any advice on what equipment and programs to get if i wanna make my own massive eletronic house music, and what to get if a wanna use my laptop together with a mixer when dj'ing? plz email me,

08-Apr-08 03:49 AM

Dengel    Said...

The most amazing thing is what he said last - which he should have said first. He says they are working on an update that will make ALL the controls midi-mappable. If they can do that, at a $350 pricepoint, then frankly I don't care if the thing only lasts 2 years. That functionality isn't available with any other mixer below the DJM1000 level.

11-Apr-08 02:08 PM

dengel    Said...

" a second socket on the front panel would have been welcome and would be the first (warranty-voiding) modification I'd add."

This problem (which was well noted BTW) can be solved easily by routing a short extension cable to the bottom area near the Behringer logo. Voila, no warranty issues and the cable catch issue is resolved for less than a couple bucks.

11-Apr-08 02:15 PM

Andrey    Said...

I did`t catch enougth clear the idea - how to send the sound out to effecter and return back to mixer??? Is it possible?

05-Jun-08 02:40 PM


I have a concern..... the digital display was completely black... OFF... and the mixer was on..... hum... should I expect the display to fail fast??? I agree with everyone else... I had the DJX700 and the output sound was really flat. I now have a Numark 5000fx...

11-Jun-08 10:03 PM


This mixer is awesome.....I've had it since it first came out in the US and have not regretted it. I have all Denon equipment and adding this mixer to the mix was great.

27-Aug-08 02:22 PM

dj fabio di saronno    Said...

una bomba di mixer accoppiata con i cdj 800 mk2! provare per credere

18-Sep-08 01:01 PM

eazidub    Said...

that dude is so high

the DDM4000 looks revolutionary

05-Oct-08 10:45 PM

DJ tsontko    Said...

I have the DDM4000 and its greeat. They fixed the flat sound, works great with Sarato. The efects are great with dry/wet mix. Do not like the head phone jack location there should be also duel on the front panel. For 1/4 of the price of the Pioneer DJM-800, if I get two years out of it I'll be more than happy!!

19-Oct-08 07:15 AM

review    Said...

Well the reviews that I read on Amazon were glowing so I will give it a try and see how it goes.

14-Dec-11 05:59 AM

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