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MESSE07: Roland Launch New Sound Module
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elefader    Said...

nice... but poor camerawork. would have been nice to get a steady close-up of the unit and it's buttons, but I guess the german dude was more interesting to film ...

17-Apr-08 09:46 PM

elefader    Said...

informational vid, but poor camerawork. we don't need to see the german dude talk; a nice, steady close-up of the unit, it's buttons and connections would have been nicer.

17-Apr-08 09:47 PM

duh    Said...

who cares about the camera work, why don't they demo the SOUNDS????????????????????????????????????????????

09-Dec-08 10:27 PM

Garth    Said...

Can you record the audio directly to a track in a sequencer?

08-Mar-09 06:43 PM

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