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Review: M-Audio NRV10 FireWire Mixer
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And when you don't to use it as your audio interface (lat's say you have 2408mk3) - is it still possible use it? How? (Through adat / Line out / firewire, while the main interface is someone else)


21-May-07 08:28 PM

Massimo    Said...

The line inputs of the channels 5,6,7,8 works at +4db ? There is a low latency audio driver ASIO 2.0?

02-Jun-07 02:55 PM

bill    Said...

i own one

05-Jan-08 03:54 PM

modeled    Said...

LIke someone lazyass can say is it any fucking good or not fuck fuck fuck fuck can like i route tracks from ableton n add vst on them n mix ?==# lol noob

10-Apr-08 11:52 AM

modeled    Said...


10-Apr-08 01:00 PM

syalhkjustsomeguywhatdoyoucare?    Said...

An excellent review, thanks.

I love how you can return the 10 through firewire. The reverb sounded alot better than I thought, usable for a home studio. I just wish they did a bigger version as I like to route out all eight of my drum machine outputs a I'd like to take advantage of the mixers effects rather than get a sub mix togther with another mixer.

Other than that, what a well conceived idea.

24-Jul-08 06:08 PM

Khaveon    Said...

What exactly do you need in order to hook up the NRV10?

26-Mar-10 03:50 PM

Noah    Said...

Does NRV10 support ASIO? and can its buffer be changed from 256. I am having lost Buffer... error prompt here i am editting.

23-Nov-10 06:38 AM

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