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Gibson Launch Jimmy Page Doubleneck
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Manuel Iglesias    Said...

Ok, here it goes, the long overdue review. Dallas, TX, Platinum Night, Sunday March 18, 2007. I had been working with GC’s North Houston’s store for God knows how long and scrapping money everywhere to get the holly grail: number 7 Jimmy Page Aged Double Neck (once again “AGED GUITAR") the 30 k one. I simply hated the way Gibson handled this deal. Someone that worked so hard to get his hands on his dream guitar should be accounted for right? Wrong!!! The hole thing was staged as a sort of raffle to see who would get the chance (if the money was in) to buy the instrument. The Gibson’s guidelines specified that the purchase money had to be in COA (credit on account) at the store where the raffle was to be carried out. The person that won, paid with a credit card and came in 30 minutes after the hour specified on Gibson's website.

Avoiding being a bad looser I didn't say a word, but I don't understand why someone that makes all kinds of efforts including traveling from Mexico to the US to get a chance to get an instrument, has to be subjected to ridiculous conditions such as the one described above. It didn't happen with Clapton's ES-335, it didn’t happen with EVH’s Frankenstein and it didn't happen with Page's LP or Clapton’s Blackie; all those guitars were sold on a first come first served bases and that's the way it should have been in this case right? WELL WRONG AGAIN.

To say the least that night was incredibly heartbreaking and had to settle for one of the VOS babies instead. I got the 049, thanks to the great effort of the people at GC at North Houston and Dallas stores.

The guitar is amazing, right to the last detail, the color is fabulous, (except of course for the replicated dings and Page’s signature) all the weird specifics are in as well: the long distance between the bridge and tail piece, the headstock, the double covered vintage tuners, the speed knobs, even the custom signs on the thrust rod. And the smell of the case combined with the mahogany body and neck are just amazing, just like a meadow.

My one complaint and this one goes specially for the “Aged� model is that for that kind of coin, something special should come with the guitar, like a replica of Jimmy's case (like they did for Clapton’s ES and Blackie) or a signed photograph with the guitar. Nothing like this is included, it's just a Gibson custom case with a Led Zep DVD (which you can get anywhere) and an “exclusive� interview of Page on the Double Neck). Come on guys!! Put the extra mile on it, so much work went in the guitar, certainly you can spare a little more for the presentation.

By the way, there were 25 of these babies (the Aged ones) out there. About 10 were sold through the ridiculous raffle and the other 15? well God knows, not even GC, Gibson or loyal Zeppelin fans appear to have a clue.

If you get a chance to own one of these lovelies, my advice is: don't play it. I know instruments are meant to be played. Yea, not this one! It is a definite collector’s piece and it should be kept in mint condition, keep the box as well, it will help maintain its value. If you want to know what a Page burst bucker sounds like, listen to one of the later edition of the Gibson Custom Shop Jimmy Page LP replica, plugged into a Tube Marshall, my GOD!!! It’s the best sounding guitar I have ever heard by far. I own one and you don't need any distortion, just hit the G chord on the treble pickup and you'll catch a glimpse of what heaven should sound like.

Best of luck to you all and thank you for reading, I hope this review helps to take caution for all of you collectors out there next time Gibson has a bright idea. Cheers!!!

17-Apr-07 09:01 PM

mcadam    Said...

you got your prices inverted

21-Oct-08 11:25 PM

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