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Review - Lemur Polyphonic Touchscreen Control Pt2
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Kent Iverson    Said...

Jeez, I hate to be the only one to say it, but we've barely seen the Lemur in action. Too much talk that could have been streamlined. Additionally, the comparison of it's price to any other control is rather pointless. Those products and the Lemur have ZERO in common. Dedicated boxes that excel at one thing are great.

23-Mar-07 07:45 AM

Rob Simon    Said...

Will Logic record screen movements made on the Lemur as automation in the matrix?

02-Apr-07 02:19 PM

barKer    Said...

any chance for a part 3?

20-Feb-08 03:44 PM

**TrAnCe***    Said...

I have 3 questions, you route the audio your mixing into the Lemur like a DJ setup? or does it use automation like a MIDI controller? do you connect the Lemur to speakers for live performance?

3.Wheres the cheapest place to get the Lemur in US dollars?

26-May-08 02:17 PM

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