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WNAMM07: Yamaha Motif XS Demo
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Pedro Collusso    Said...

This guy is "the bomb". All his videos are very informative. The product is a true step up on the Motif family. I wish the new screen was also touch sensitive as the one on the Triton ("touchview"). The eight sliders, accessing eight elements will add a new dynamic on managing the sounds live.

25-Jan-07 12:24 PM

ros    Said...

hahaha! I never heard a closing sentence like that before. "Enjoy the machine you just bought!" What a machine! Cool!

25-Jan-07 01:34 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Great presentation, wonderful product!

26-Jan-07 02:52 AM

pat    Said...

A guy who's enjoying what he's doing!!! Let it rip man!! That's the way!! Korg, Roland, Kurzweil, look out!

26-Jan-07 02:58 AM

craig    Said...

Bert does it again, just fanastic, truely wicked, wanna join my band?

Honestly, his demos of yahama kit, the 01x and Motif rack and stuff very good, some ne sign him for his own keyboard DVD or music production DVD !!

29-Jan-07 02:18 PM

BBZ Music Lab    Said...

Sounds really cool... BUT... !!! there is a question remaining... with a 128 polyphony and 8 elements per voice... do you think u can use the sequencer without going out of polyphony?? in Fantom X7 they have 8 elements and when u use it on sequencer mode, it starts lagging behind the timing... i am waiting for motif XS to release...

25-Feb-07 09:34 AM

hansz    Said...

I've seen Bert before... he's not the guy who sells his mother-in-law, but a true musician and lover of good instruments - as a demonstrator for Yamaha he digs deep into the art and tools of the machine, eager to show you everything that is possible, hour after hour. Allthough the XS is not an new concept, it's what the ES should have been - I'm happy I showed some patience because I'm going to buy one!

26-Feb-07 04:07 PM

Rodizell    Said...

I'm BBZ but the fantom x only has 4 elements, and it sounds way to thin to compete with the like of the Yamaha Motif ES let alone an XS.

16-Mar-07 08:28 AM

Carl    Said...

yea man this guy really kicks ass lol all his performances/demos are really very informative and very exciting and fun to watch. Yea the one thing I was disappointed about was the fact that it's not a touch screen. But oh well. Looks good tho.

22-Jul-07 05:40 PM

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