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WNAMM07: The Stratocaster Of The Future
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Will    Said...

Didn't Line 6 do this about 5 years ago? Their instrument quality was a bit shaky, but I belive they offered a greater range of sounds with an even simpler interface. Fender/Roland are offering too little, too late, for what is sure to be too much.

21-Jan-07 02:57 PM

paulo    Said...

a remote control option for roland vg boxes on whatever guitar would have been a much smarter and less compromising support from fender to this technology. I don't see reason in paying fender price plus electronics for a modelling guitar, honestly. the real deal will always beat it.

21-Jan-07 04:10 PM

Andrew    Said...

After watching the video, all I can say is... WOW! I think that if Fender is willing to risk the credability of their household name "Strat" on this, then it going to be good. Watch the NAMM video. Very impressive!

21-Jan-07 10:01 PM

Charles Parslow    Said...

It looks like they sacrificed the second tone control so its not a true Strat in bypass mode. I hope the battery doesn’t require removal of that six screw plate in the back. You can only turn those screws so many times.

22-Jan-07 07:47 AM

Ben    Said...

I have had the opportunity to try out this new guitar and I was impressed. I have owned many guitars over the years. I have even built my own guitar from scratch. All have been of exceptional quality, This guitar is no exception to the rule. Fender has spared no expense to provide end users with a rugged product that is well suited for any playing nviroment. This guitar is mated the best of Fender U.S. Stratocasters with the best of Roland's modeling technology. I have been a line 6 fan for many years and have been saving to purchase a Variax just to strip it for components for a transplant into a better playing instrument. Line 6 did it first and did it well, but Fender has done it that much better. Plus with this guitar there is no need for a huge investment in expensive P.A. systems and complicated interfaces and accessories. Just plug this guitar into your favorite amp and get what you need to play what you want. I have invested thousands into Line 6 Gear, and I have been a Fender player for a long time. All of these features are laid out for us at a low price. A standard American Standard strat would run between $1200-1500, with many models well over that. So $1699.99 for an instument that can become your primary and backup instrument in the flick of a switch is very reasonably priced. In the Fender VG Strat, you can rely on Fender to provide you with quality, simplicity, and value in these instruments.

30-Jan-07 07:53 AM

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