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WNAMM07: Boss Stomboxes Replicate Classic Fender Amps
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jbeavers    Said...

Can't wait for the Marshall JCM and Mesa Recto stand-alone pedals! Here's hoping there are further amp model pedals coming. The suggestion of using either Fender pedal in front of a dirty amp hints of some cool possibilities.

31-Jan-07 06:31 PM

PJ    Said...

I wonder how this thing works going straight into the console (i.e. not using any amp)? Or, does it work best with a guitar amp?

18-Feb-07 04:28 PM

FlameTop    Said...

Just got an FBM.

They dont have any speaker emulation. Its purely an amp sim. So does not sound very nice direct into a desk :)


11-May-07 07:05 AM

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