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The World's Most Expressive Synthesiser?
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DJ Ballistic    Said...

...or you can just visit and learn about all the specs ahead of time...

--DJ Ballistic

12-Jan-07 09:28 AM

Robert Haines    Said...

No specs at, just mention of AP synthesis (which we can see in these pictures) without saying what it is, and mention of two-tone synthesis (which we can see in these pictures).

12-Jan-07 12:32 PM

Singularity    Said...

I hope they updated their filter algorithms and/or added analog filters because Roland has not put out a good filter on a synth since the JP-8000 everything else they put out so far (including previous v-synths) has very audible aliasing in the high frequency domain, sounds very steppy when doing sweeps. I'm sure the Korg OASYS seems like a better purchase.

14-Jan-07 02:50 PM

fizmo100    Said...

Yeah, the COSM filters didnt do it for me - I sold my V-Synth as a result. The TB303 emulated filter in OS2.0 was nice though. Should be interesting to see what they've done with the new model - looking forward to it!

15-Jan-07 01:49 PM

jeff sepeta    Said...

what? no pitch and mod wheel? what's with the craptacular roland joystick?

17-Jan-07 10:24 AM

DJ Shakespeare    Said...


"Describing it as 'The World’s Most Expressive Synthesiser"

should be "The World's Most EXPENSIVE Synthesiser"; however Korg's OASYS wins for US$ 6000 more.

24-Jul-07 12:45 AM

L Roux, France    Said...

I purchased a GT last week. This is a killer synth, but with a very limited polyphony. A bad choice for anyone not having other synths in live conditions. For me it's ok since it's my sixth keyboard (I own a Kawai K5000S, an Alesis Fusion 6HD, Korgs CX3 and Z1 and a Kurzweil PC1x).

Controllers are easy to configure and editing is very simple because of the large touchscreen.

Lots of features, excellent effetcs. COSM is ok, it doesn't sound metallic at all.

AP synthesis is a good surprise for me. Flutes, violins and solo sounds get an extra expressiveness : velocity modify the pitch during the attack, legato playing introduces glissandos, modulation lever acts on volume, breath noise and vibrato.

Not a workstation, but an excellent tool for sound design.

24-Sep-07 06:18 PM

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