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mLAN On The Mac
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Christian Mc Cormick    Said...

Sonic State,

Thankyou for posting this. You are truly an example to the musical community by doing so.

83 signatories in three days, and growing...


13-Dec-06 11:09 AM

Bart van Berkel    Said...

thanks sonicstate, this is what we need! Greetings Bart

13-Dec-06 12:16 PM

Matt    Said...

Die Mlan Die!!!!!!

14-Dec-06 04:02 PM

alj    Said...

Given the appalling job Yamaha did with the drivers for the DS2416 on the Mac (some of us will not forget too quickly), I think it will take lots of pressure to make them get it right this time!

14-Dec-06 11:35 PM

be-funk    Said...

Actually the question are

Is Yamaha going to make MLan an open protocol or not?

Are we going to see new MLan products soon?

If the answer to these is NO then we can probably start looking for replacement gear.

Peace be-funk

16-Dec-06 04:42 AM

Christian    Said...

There are 265 signatures on the petition this morning.

The numbers continue to grow...

You can find out more about the petition here:

Yuu can sign the petition here:

05-Jan-07 03:34 AM

Jonathan    Said...

Have Yamaha lost the plot?.... as well as my future business?

23-Jan-07 04:39 PM

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