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Podcast: Sonic TALK - 019
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pedant    Said...

BTW, the new McBook Pro also has a 2.16GHz processor in the base model - an increase from the 2GHz..

26-Oct-06 08:05 AM

pedant    Said...

Also, the Blue Monday 12inch wasnt the first, it was the best selling. So Guardian - you should cjeck yer facts before influencing amateur broadcasters - bad newspaper..

26-Oct-06 08:10 AM    Said...

Best ep. yet :) Esp. the hairy chat


26-Oct-06 10:36 AM

Nick Pod    Said...

Hey- thanks. We all really enjoyed doing this one, I think the fact that I was up half the previous night with my daughter who had a bad cough, gave it a slightly surreal edge.

26-Oct-06 11:58 AM

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