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AES06SF: Tascam Release 64-bit Drivers
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Kyle    Said...

when are the drivers going to be released. i bought this thinking it would WORK.

17-Feb-07 02:20 PM

music man    Said...

I also bought the Tascam US122l and i'd like it to work!...

When is it going to be released?

07-Apr-07 04:18 PM

manuel    Said...

I also want it to work NOW, because I bought it... How can they sell products if they know that it doesnt work on all systems ?

03-Nov-07 06:49 AM

musicWiz    Said...

I am also disappointed finding that the US-122L does not work on my main PC (which is 64bit), only on my notebook. Speed up your development, Tascam!

19-Jan-08 04:13 PM

Nick    Said...

I have a new US-144 and it's gathering dust. Some companies really are in the stone age when it comes to allowing people to use their products on more powerful systems!

18-Feb-08 04:33 PM

Kincy    Said...

I'm new 2 q;; of this. It said it worked with windows vista. I bought this product and cakewalk creator 4. It played through ONE time. I'm ignorant when it comes 2 computers. It shouldn't be this hard, though.I'm glad I read this.

21-Nov-08 11:00 AM

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