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TC-Helicon Releases VoiceSolo Near-Field Monitors
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Peter Duminy    Said...

TC VoiceSolo Review by Peter Duminy (Loudspeaker Designer)

There was a special need and application in this Lab for a high quality monitor tailored more for vocal frequencies, but also with better than average bandwidth for musical playback when required. It had to be powerful, tough, and very durable. Too much to ask for? Not any longer. TC-Helicon’s VoiceSolo products fit the bill for our needs here with three models. A passive, and two active models (one having voice shaping technology) are available. We chose a pair of passive VSM200Ps and one VSM200 active model. Upon opening the carton of the VoiceSolo, one is greeted with an all aluminum cast casing, with non-slip rubber pads on the underside. Construction and assembly fit and finish are excellent.

Although the VoiceSolo appears to be targeted more for solo vocal performers, we found many other useful applications in here for them. For example, hookup a pair of passive VSM200Ps to a high quality stereo amplifier, and include a 10� powered subwoofer of your choice set to 85Hz, and you have amazing playback quality for the PC Home Recording enthusiast. Conversely, throw the Active version in a box like we did, and take it to the local pub, and you have a great P.A. system with a deafening built-in 150 Watt amplifier. We even hooked up the iPod nano with the aid of an RCA Y and XLR adapter with cables to the VSM200 active model, and were more than surprised and impressed with the sheer volume and overall detail. But what about the overall sound quality? We found it to exceed our expectations on all sources. The ICT Point Source speakers chosen can reproduce the fine and subtle details needed to sound convincing on just about every vocal and musical soundtrack. One can tell a lot of thought and effort has gone into this product, and it appears to have paid off. Features abound, and the price seems to be quite reasonable given the overall high quality. If ever there were a Swiss Army Knife of portable monitors made and sold, it would have to be the TC-Helicon VoiceSolo product. Highly recommended for just about every application – and not just for Engineers!

21-Oct-06 06:22 PM

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